Why Am I doing This?

My first post…Nothing better than to start something new! So, what are my objectives for this experience? That’s make a list:

  • To practice and improve my ENGLISH WRITING SKILLS
  • To write about THINGS THAT MATTER TO ME
  • To make a kind of JOURNAL
  • To ENJOY the experience
  • To be DEVOTED to it
  • To LEARN from it

Some of the themes that I want to address are:

  • Books – science-fiction, fantasy, horror, dystopian, post-apocalyptic  are some of my preferred themes
  • Computer Games – when I was a kid I loved computer games (and to play Fighting Fantasy books). I still enjoy it a lot, but I’m pickier about the quality of the games I choose to play
  • Programming – discovered it with my ZX Spectrum 48k and never stopped to amuse me!
  • Software/Hardware/Peopleware – my work/life experiences about it
  • Maps – one of my youth passions, it was a great influence when the time came to decide what to
  • Whatever… the page is blank and this world is mine! 🙂